Who can apply for funding?

Universities, colleges, research institutes and their affiliated researchers represent our main applicant groups. But many others can also apply for funding from us – special interest groups, private companies (except sole proprietors), associations, municipalities, county councils, and other government agencies that are not higher education institutions.

Which call should I choose?

The type of project you need to fund determines the type of call that can be relevant to you. Each call shows what is required and who can therefore be granted funding.

What requirements do I need to meet?

In order for you to receive funding, the grant money that Formas pays out must be managed by a so-called administrating organisation. The administrating organisation is the organisation that receives the grant money from Formas. There are additional requirements for the person who is applying for funding, depending on the type of funding. For example, a doctoral degree might be required. Below are brief descriptions of what generally applies to the different types of funding.

Who can become an administrating organisation?

You can apply for funding if you are a researcher with a doctoral degree. This also applies to other researchers who will participate in the project. Other members of the project does not need to have a doctoral degree. This applies both in national and international calls, and it does not matter whether the funding we announce is individual or announced together with other funders.

Researchers who are full-time pensioners may not receive funding towards salaries

Researchers who are full-time pensioners cannot receive funding for their own salary. However, there is no age limit for applicants or participating researchers within a project.

In principle, anyone who has an idea for a communication project is welcome to apply for funding if the theme falls within Formas’ areas of responsibility. You apply through the calls we have for communication projects. In each call, you can read about the funding requirements under that particular call.

The strategic innovation programmes offer a wide range of stakeholders the chance to apply for funding to carry out research and innovation projects. These can include businesses, public-sector organisations, universities and research institutes, for example. You can read more about what specifically applies in the call that you are interested in.

You must have a doctoral degree and be an early-career researcher to qualify. You also need to split your project hours between your home organisation and at least one host organisation. The host organisation can be in or outside of Sweden. You can read more about what specifically applies in the call that you are interested in.

Updated:22 May 2023
Page manager: Linda Bergqvist Ampel