Applying for funding


Who can apply for funding?

Universities, colleges, research institutes and their affiliated researchers represent our main applicant groups. But many others can also apply for funding from us – special interest groups, private companies (except sole proprietors), associations, municipalities, county councils, and other government agencies that are not higher education institutions.


Projects that qualify for funding

When you apply for project funding, you can apply for grants to cover both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs include costs for salaries, equipment and travel. Indirect costs are costs that are shared with others in your organisation, such as for administration, IT and renting of premises.


How to apply

You apply for funding and add the information you need for your application in our application system, Prisma. There is some information that is good to know before you apply, such as what our assessment criteria are, who is considered an administrating organisation and may receive the money, what our publication criteria are, and what considerations you should take into account for your project when you apply for funding.


How we assess your application

We assess applications on the basis of scientific quality and relevance for society. We sometimes consider other criteria, and in such cases we will state this in our call descriptions. Formas’ Scientific Council is responsible for decisions about which projects are granted funding. The Scientific Council delegates decisions on granting funds of up to SEK 10 million per project and year to Formas’ director general, who in turn delegates these decisions to Formas’ department heads. The decisions are based on the recommendations made by our review panels. It is these review panel members who assess all applications before they are submitted to Formas’ for a decision.


When are you informed about our decision?

Each call description states when you can expect to be informed. You or the project manager will receive a message in Prisma. The message will be sent to the project manager’s account.


Reporting requirements

If you are awarded a grant, you must report project expenses and results. This is done in Prisma.

Current calls

Updated:31 January 2023