We use cookies on this website. According to the Electronic Communications Act, a website must inform visitors that it uses cookies and why it uses them, and the visitors’ consent to the use of cookies must be obtained.

You decide which cookies we can set, and your preferences determine which information can be transferred to other services.

Our cookie selection is divided into necessary cookies that do not track anything you do, analytical cookies that allow us to learn how our website is used so we can improve it, and functional cookies that affect whether all functions can be fully utilised.

How you experience the website is affected by which cookies you choose to allow.


Necessary cookies make the website work as it should, and you cannot opt out of them.

  • SiteVisionLTM: Sets the load balancers to keep track of which underlying server the client should address.
  • JSESSIONID: A session cookie for identifying logged-in users and granting the correct permissions. It is created by the web server to connect a user to a session. The session is then used by Sitevision for a variety of purposes connected to that user.

Analysis and statistics

We use cookies from the web analytics tool Matomo and Hotjar to learn how our website is used so that we can improve content, navigation, structure and functions.

These cookies transmit information about your browser, your device, your location and your visit. This information cannot be linked to you as a person.

  • Matomo: Our website statistics tool sets the cookies _pk_ses and _pk_id.
  • Hotjar is used to ask questions about a website visit and sets the following cookies:
    • _hjDonePolls
    • _hjSessionUser_
    • _hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress
    • _hjIncludedInPageviewSample
    • _hjIncludedInSessionSample:
    • _hjFirstSeen:


Imbox is a chat tool we sometimes use for calls for proposals.

Setting and selecting cookies

More information about cookies

Updated:7 September 2022