Urgent grants for the protection of data or research material

You can apply for urgent grant funding in situations that require quick processing. For example, an urgent grant can be used to quickly collect research data or to ensure that research material is available in the future. You can apply for this type of grant in our ongoing call for urgent grants.

What are the requirements for receiving an urgent grant?

You can apply for a grant to fund an urgent need in order to ensure that certain research data or research material is made available for the future. The urgent need must be based on a circumstance or situation that requires prompt attention or has not been foreseen and that will not be repeated.

What kind of data can this apply to?

Urgent grant funding can be for measurement data, sample collection or other research material, such as interviews or participant observations.

When can you apply?

You can apply for urgent grants when the call is listed as open.

Current calls

Who can apply for an urgent grant?

You must have a doctoral degree to be awarded an urgent grant, and the grant money must be managed by a Swedish university, college or any other Swedish public organisation that meets our requirements for administrating organisations. The requirement for a doctoral degree applies to both project manager and any participating researchers. Other staff involved in the project do not need to have a doctoral degree.

An urgent grant can be applied for in all scientific disciplines: the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and technology, as well as for interdisciplinary approaches.

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Updated:7 September 2022
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