Communication calls

You can apply for funding for communication projects on popular science topics that convey knowledge about research within our areas of responsibility. You apply through our calls.

What types of communication projects can I apply for?

We fund many different types of communication projects. Common to these projects is their relevance to our responsibilities and their popular science perspective. They can be projects for developing popular science conferences, publications, exhibitions or seminars. They can also be projects for creating popular science videos and films, digital productions or other popular science activities.

Who can apply for funding?

Who can apply depends on the communication call, but in principle anyone is welcome to apply. Both private companies and universities can apply. The project must have at least one researcher with a doctoral degree, but it is not a requirement that the project manager has the degree. The calls can be different from each other, so read the description for the call that interests you.

When can you apply?

The number of calls we have each year varies, as does the period in which the calls are open. To stay up to date on our calls, you can sign up for our newsletter.

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Updated:31 May 2022
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