Nordforsk – Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change


Research and innovation projects with the aim to strengthen Nordic collaboration within the area of sustainable agriculture and climatchange.


Researchers at Swedish Universities, research institutes and public agencies with research assignments.


For the Swedish participation maximally 300 000 Euro per project can be applied for from Formas, or 500 000 Euro if the applicant will be project coordinator for the full Nordic project.

Given decision: 2023-01-24 14:00

Fund­ed pro­jects

Preliminary decisions. Please note that only decisions published in Prisma is a guarantee of granted funding.


The purpose of the call for sustainable agriculture and climate change is to promote cooperation between knowledge organizations in the participating countries and to increase opportunities and address challenges related to sustainable agriculture linked to climate change.

The call has four thematic orientations:

  1. Plants adapted for future Nordic and Baltic conditions
  2. Increased local and regional proteinproduction for food and feed
  3. Plants and soils as carbonsink
  4. Conversion to climate-smart and profitable local and regional agriculture

All proposals must cover two or more of the thematic areas

Each consortium must consist of researchers from at least three participating countries, of which at least two must be Nordic countries. The project owner must be a research-based organization based in Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Norway or Sweden. Funding is sought for a minimum of three years and a maximum of four years. A maximum of NOK 10 million can be applied for a project.

Who the call is addressed to

You who have a PhD and conduct research at universities, colleges, research institutes or authorities that conduct research as part of their assignment, are eligible to apply in Sweden. Research institutes refer to organizations that have research as their only or main activity.

Calltext and application


Updated:26 January 2023