Tandem Forest Values 3 – Sustainable value chains from forest raw material


Research projects in bilateral collaboration between Sweden and Finland about new sustainable value chains from forest raw material.


The call welcomes applicants from universities, colleges, research institutes or other Swedish public organization with a research assignment. The consortium leader must have no more than ten years since their doctorate degree.


The total budget of the call is 3 million EUR, of which 1,5 million EUR from Formas devoted to researchers in Sweden. Max 300 000 EUR (over two years) can be applied for per project.

Given decision: 2022-06-16 15:00

Together with the Academy of Finland, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland, the Ministry of the Environment of Finland and the Walter Ahlström Foundation, Formas launches a new targeted call for research within the bilateral program Tandem Forest Values.

The call aims to support research about new possibilities to use forest raw material for future and more sustainable value chains. The research should focus on ways to maximize the added value in bio-based and wood products, and to stimulate new potential value chains that can strengthen job creation and rural development, and establish Sweden and Finland as global front-runners in the produce and export of truly sustainable wood products.

The call encompasses all types of wood-based products, such as building components, furniture, textiles, packaging, and other new materials, but not bioenergy and biofuels. The research is encouraged to include a holistic view on the value chain of the product in focus. This could include, for instance, the following: design aspects to enable effective and non-toxic circular material flows, market aspects, incentives and policy to stimulate increased use, or implications on the supply of future raw material to support the value chain in focus.

The call is intended to strengthen and develop long-term bilateral research collaboration between Finland and Sweden and to support early-career researchers as consortium leaders.

More about the call and how to apply

You will find the full call text and more information on how to apply on the website of the Academy of Finland.

Academy of Finland: Tandem Forest Values 3 – Sustainable value chains from forest raw materia External link.


Karin Perhans

Deputy Head of Department / Senior Advisor


Updated:16 June 2022