Smart Built Environment: Digitalisation and industrialisation for a sustainable built environment


Search for research and innovation projects that contributes to a more resource efficient and sustainable built environment using the possibilities of digitalisation.


The call is addressed to consortia of companies, public organisations, universities and research institutes. At least two parties must participate in the application.


500 000 SEK to 4 million SEK

Given decision: 2020-05-27 09:30

The programme Smart Built Environment is now announcing grants for continued digitalisation and industrialised construction in the built environment. We would like the grant applications to clearly address the global sustainability challenges and contribute to innovations in processes, forms of cooperation, business models and technology.


Preliminary decisions. Please note that only decisions published in Prisma is a guarantee of granted funding.

The purpose of the call is to accelerate digital transformation through activities that involve stakeholders throughout the value chain. Its goal is to increase knowledge in the sector by attracting new stakeholders from both within the sector and from other sectors. We welcome innovation-driven stakeholders and wish to see applications for testbeds, demonstrations, and implementation and training initiatives. We are keen to see a high degree of innovation that extends beyond incremental development.

We would like to see projects that can achieve real change for the sector’s stakeholders, both at the individual and the organisational level. An important consideration is the project’s potential to help achieve greater gender equality or other diversity and integration through the project’s expected results. The programme wishes to encourage international cooperation, stimulate the innovative capacity of more stakeholders, and create unexpected solutions that contribute to a more resource efficient built environment.

Read more about the call , the vision of the programme and goals n the call text and on the website of Smart Built Environment External link..

Search for projects within the program's thematic areas:

  1. Innovations and new applications
  2. Value chains and business models
  3. Information infrastructure
  4. Knowledge and skills

Read more about the thems on website of Smart Built Environment External link..

Call text

All you need to know before, during and after you have applied.

Call text: Digitalisation and industrialisation for a sustainable built environment (pdf) , 332.8 kB.

The call is addressed to consortia of companies, public organizations, universities and research institutes. At least two parties must participate in the application.

Co-financing is required with 50 percent of the total project costs. Businesses and other organizations engaged in economic activities which receive grants from Formas are subject to state aid rules.

How much can you apply for: 500 000 SEK–4 million SEK.
The total project budget: At least 1 million SEK.
Project length: 12–36 months.
Formas total budget for this call: Up to 30 million SEK.

1. Before you begin with your application

You need to

When you have created an organisation account and described your organisation you can begin with your application

2. Find the call in Prisma

You will find the call on the Organisation account tab in Prisma. Click that tab, and then go to the link for organisation calls External link..

3. Fill in your application

Fill in your application and follow the instruction in the call text , 332.8 kB. carefully.

4. Get your application signed

Important! Your application must be signed in good time before the last day of application. If the application is registered too late it will be rejected.

  • If someone other than the project manager is responsible for the organisation account, then that person must sign the application before the call closes.
  • If the project manager is responsible for the organisation account, then the application is signed automatically after the application is submitted and registered

12th of November Stockholm, 13.00-15.30

13th of November Lund, 13.00-15.30

15th of November Göteborg, 13.00-15.30

29th of November Linköping, 11.30-14.00

18th of December Luleå, 13.00-15.30

Web meeting 2th of December

Questions regerding the seminars, please contact

Sign up and more information (in Swedish) External link.

This call is implemented within the Strategic innovation programme Smart Built Environment. The program supports the built environment sector digitization efforts, through research, development and innovation, in order to help the sector realize a building process that is cheaper, faster and more sustainable.

Smart Built Environment is part of Formas, Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency's cooperation on strategic innovation programs External link. . The purpose of the initiative is to create conditions for international competitiveness and sustainable solutions to global societal challenges. Forma is the authority that has principal responsibility for Smart Built Environment and coordinated by IQ Planning External link..

For more information about the program, see External link.


For questions regarding the background, aim and desired effects of the call
Kristina Gabrielii, acting programme director, Smart Built Environment
+46(0)70-259 56 57

For questions regarding application forms, the assessment process, state aid and the Prisma application system

Responsible senior research officers at Formas
Anna Hult, forskningssekreterare
Jon Loit, forskningssekreterare

Technical support Prisma
Prisma IT-support External link. Support, Operating information and Frequently Asked.

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