Research projects for increased animal protection and animal welfare


Applied research projects that contribute to increased animal protection of animals kept permanent, or for a limited period, by humans.


Researchers, public and private organisations and private companies (not sole proprietorships) approved by Formas as an administrating organisation. At least one researcher participating in the project must have a doctoral degree. Only multi-party applications, with business-sector participation, can receive funding.


Project length may be up to four years and the maximum grant for a 48 months long project is 8 million SEK.

Future: Open for applying: 2021-03-25 14:00
Last day of application: 2021-05-14 14:00

Animal protection refers to what we humans should provide to animals to protect them from suffering. Good animal protection promotes good animal welfare. Sweden is one of the leading countries in the world regarding animal welfare and it is the ambition of the Swedish government that Sweden shall keep this position. In order to further improve the animal protection additional solutions and measurements need to be developed and applied.

This call is targeted to applied research projects that contributes to increased animal protection.

  • The projects shall consider animals that are kept permanently, or for a limited period, by humans.
  • The projects shall have a pronounced and clear relevance for the animal protection of the animal species referred to in the application.

For applied research, the combination of scientifically based knowledge and knowledge based on practice and proven experience are of great value. There is a need for collaboration and coordination between different actors, within and between academia, industry, companies and society. The projects shall therefore be multi-party projects and at minimum consist of one project part from academia and one from the business sector.


Updated:9 February 2021