Research Strategy for Environmental Technology

The Swedish Research Council Formas and VINNOVA have received a mandate from the Government to draw up a joint research strategy for environmental technology.This report sets out the background, terms of reference and deliberations for the strategy. Details are also given of the proposed strategic measures and initiatives within the spheres of activity of Formas and VINNOVA, also in collaboration with other actors.

The objective of the research strategy is to make a concerted effort for research and development concerning environmental technologies within the spheres of activity of Formas and VINNOVA. The intention of the strategy is to promote the development of new knowledge and to strengthen the competence in the field of environmental technology, and to enhance Swedish competitiveness in the global market for environmental technology. A common vision is formulated.

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    Formas and VINNOVA. Translation: Richard Nord
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    Forskningsrådet Formas
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    978-540-6011-5/ISSN 1653-3003
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Updated:7 February 2019