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Our vision: Knowledge builds a sustainable world

Current calls

Keys to the circular economy

Despite significant progress in recycling technologies as well as in the knowledge of the impacts various circular solutions can have on climate and environment, solutions are not always implemented a...
Current: 5 Days left. Apply before:2022-05-31 14:00

Indo-Swedish Joint Call for Proposals within Circular Economy

The transition to a circular economy is one of the important building blocks towards sustainability, since reuse, remanufacturing and recycling contribute to the long-term use of materials and other r...
Current: 27 Days left. Apply before:2022-06-22 14:00

International network grant for the SDGs

Achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) is now less than ten years away. All countries need to support the sustainable transformation, and international collaboration must be strengthe...
Current: 91 Days left. Apply before:2022-08-25 14:00

Securing future water supply through sustainable management

The purpose of this call is to stimulate and increase knowledge, research, and cooperation on water resource management that focuses on the link between water, society, and the environment, and that p...
Current: 13 Days left. Apply before:2022-06-08 14:00

From research to implementation for a sustainable society 2022

Sweden faces major challenges in its transition to socially, environmentally and economically sustainable communities. A key in this transition is multi-stakeholder collaboration that enables research...
Current: 5 Days left. Apply before:2022-05-31 14:00




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