Nordic collaborations

Formas has several current collaborations at Nordic level to enable cooperation and exchange between Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

Formas has mandate from the Swedish Government to collaborate with stakeholders and organisations at the Nordic level. The Nordic countries have many similar prerequisites and common challenges that justify a Nordic perspective approach.

Formas participates by providing funding for the Nordic Bioeconomy Programme, which is coordinated by NordForsk. The programme is a joint commitment by Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland with the purpose of developing knowledge that can support the transition to a biobased social economy in the Nordic countries.

The research is organised in a number of Nordic Centres of Excellence, where researchers from at least three Nordic countries participate. The research carried out in the programme focusses on water issues from an inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary research perspective.

Formas is the national contact for the Nordic Joint Committee for Agricultural and Food Research (NKJ) and is represented on the Committee. The Committee works to identify research needs and strategic research agendas and has the objective of promoting a knowledge-based agricultural and food sector in the Nordic countries.

Formas is the national contact for Nordic Forest Research (SNS), which supports research collaborations for sustainable, diverse forestry management. Nordic Forest Research is a cooperating body financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The objective is to contribute to the development of ecologically, economically and socially sustainable forestry management and utilisation. Within Nordic Forest Research there are calls for proposals for grants to support research, communication and the establishment of networks at the Nordic level.

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