Next steps for our annual open call and mobility grants


As part of our efforts to enhance quality, we are reviewing several of our calls. This means that we will postpone the annual open call for research projects until autumn 2024 and both calls aimed at early-career researchers until spring 2024.

Sweden and the world are facing complex challenges that place high demands on excellent research that advances our state of knowledge and promotes society’s access to knowledge.

Formas’ calls “Annual open call” and “Mobility grants for early-career researchers” have been recurring for many years. We are now reviewing these calls to ensure that they are fit-for-purpose, effective, and can make an even better contribution to the major challenges Sweden and the world are facing.

We plan to open our calls aimed at early-career researchers, including the mobility grants, during the spring of 2024 in a new format. The annual open call for research projects is scheduled to be opened during the autumn of 2024.

The plan is preliminary, and we will regularly publish updates about the changes during the autumn. An updated plan for all Formas calls in 2024 will be available by the end of 2023.

During the autumn of 2023 and spring of 2024, Formas will offer several other calls that you can apply for funding from. Several of these are available also to early-career researchers.


Until August 14, we recommend that you send your question to This is due to summer holidays.

For questions about Formas' annual open call Research projects

For questions about Formas' annual open call Research projects for early-career researchers and Mobility grants for early-career researchers

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Updated:4 July 2023