Sweden builds for the future

A lot of work is being done, and many schemes are in progress in Sweden today with the aim of achieving sustainable development. In this brochure, the Swedish government sets out its views on sustainable development in planning, construction and property management.

Examples are given of ongoing projects and activities in this area. These are:

  • Sweden gives priority to sustainable construction, Ministry of Sustainable Development
  • Building, Living and Property Management for the Future – a dialogue project, National Board of Housing,Building and Planning
  • "Sustainable Buildings – a Swedish research programme", Formas, Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning, and BIC, Swedish Construction Sector Innovation Centre
  • "Sustainability - different assessment methods give different answers", University of Gävle
  • "Next steps towards the City of Tomorrow – Sustainable city development in Malmö", City of Malmö
  • "Environmental Programme 2010 of the Ecocycle Council", Ecocycle Council
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    Editor: Gabrielle Waldén
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    Forskningsrådet Formas
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Updated:7 February 2019