Dams under Debate

Dams are used for many purposes. Construction of dams proceeds at a great pace in the third world, and there is a lively debate concerning dams. They do not only provide benefits and contribute to human survival. They also cause large scale encroachment and may therefore pose hazards and give rise to negative impacts, for both nature and humans. Dams tame water. They give us water on our terms. In the global water crisis of today, use of dams with several functions can be an important part of the solution. But construction of dams must be based on knowledge – and on consideration for nature and humans. In such a way, dams may be of critical importance for human survival and comfort.

This is what Dams under Debate is about – dams to tame water, to utilise water and to protect us from water. It is researchers who have written the articles. Planning group for the book has been: Lars Bengtsson, Lars O Ericsson, Birgitta Johansson, Jan Lundqvist, Britt Olofsdotter and Björn Sellberg.

The Research Council Formas also has published these books about water: Water research – what´s next? (2004), Groundwater under Threat (2005) and Water for food (2008).

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    Birgitta Johansson, Björn Sellberg
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    Forskningsrådet Formas
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    91-540-5975-5/ISSN 1653-3003
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Updated:8 February 2019