From Covid to Cambodia – a diversity of projects in this year’s open call


Once again, there was huge interest in this year’s annual open call. Formas’ Research Council decided to provide funding worth 630 million kronor to 189 projects for research that can help to achieve sustainable development.

A total of 1,480 projects sought funding in the call, which consisted of two parts, one of which was targeted to early-career researchers. The purpose of the annual open call is to enable researchers to formulate their own research questions based on identified societal needs that fall within Formas’ areas of responsibility. The research funded should be of the highest scientific quality, and can be either basic or needs-driven research for environmentally, economically and socially sustainable development.

“The applicant pool was large, as in previous years,” says Alexandra Jeremiasson, senior research officer. “We received many applications dealing with climate change, environmental pollution, and material production and consumption.”

Three of the projects now receiving funding in the call are tied to Covid-19.

“The projects have different focuses,” says research officer Anna Kuznetcova, who also worked on the call. “One examines the significance of Asian animal markets, another addresses the spread of the virus in public indoor environments, and the third project takes a closer look at the intersection of authoritarian rule and the pandemic in Cambodia.”

Research that contributes to the sustainable development goals

All research that Formas finances must be linked to the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Applicants need to indicate which goals their project addresses. In the annual 2021 open call, most projects addressed five of the goals.

The top 5 SDGs:

Grafik: Topp 5 av de globala hållbarhetsmålen i årliga öppna utlysningen.

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Updated:1 December 2021
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