He creates a knowledge hub for water research

Osman Tikansak.

Osman Tikansak.

Osman Tikansak moved from Turkey to Sweden last fall, when his wife got a job as a researcher at Stockholm University. Now he works as a research officer at Formas. Together with his Formas colleague, Kristina Laurell, he is responsible for the international collaboration program Water JPI.

- We are supporting the development and implementation of Water JPI's new knowledge hub for international collaboration. The knowledge hub will gather and translate the latest research findings in the water sector, says Osman Tikansak.

The hub is designed to help researchers disseminate their results effectively and reach the intended target groups of decision makers and users.

- It's an exciting process. I am thrilled to be a part of it, he says.

Osman Tikansak previously worked with project management and international collaborations at the Turkish Water Institute, SUEN, Turkey's leading training and research institution in the water sector. Just like Formas, they are one of the partners in the international collaboration program Water JPI

  • Water JPI (Water Challenges for a Changing World) was launched to create sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and the rest of the world.
  • The Joint Program Initiative, JPI, is a European initiative that aims to address some of the major societal challenges, such as climate change, sustainable food production and long-term access to water.
  • Formas participates in a total of seven JPI’s. The others are for example, JPI Climate, JPI Oceans, JPI Urban Europe.

Read more about Water JPI External link.

Updated:11 December 2019