Changes in Formas’ annual open call


Are you the project manager for an ongoing research project that Formas is funding? We are in the process of implementing changes in the application procedure for the 2023 annual open call. This might affect you if you are applying for a grant from us.

As a first change, if you are already a project manager for an ongoing research project with funding from one or more of Formas’ calls, you will not be able to be the main applicant in our annual open call 2023. However, this restriction will not apply to all types of project grants from Formas. For example, the restriction does not apply to grant recipients from Formas’ communication call or any of the international calls where Formas participates as a research funder.

This change, which is being implemented ahead of 2023, is part of our efforts to improve our funding process in order to better facilitate the projects we fund. The development of this process will take place in stages. The first stage involves a change in the application procedure in our annual open call, which tentatively opens in late February or early March 2023.

More information on the way

Are you planning to apply in our 2023 annual open call and are not sure if this change will affect you? We are working to provide more detailed information before the end of the year. We will clarify what happens in the case of research grants whose project period has expired but that still fall within the grant availability period. When more information is available, we will publish it on and communicate it in our newsletter and social media channels.


Updated:10 January 2023