Simplified funding procedures for projects across European borders


We are launching our first collaboration in the European initiative Weave – Research Funding Without Borders, with research funders in Switzerland (SNSF) and Luxembourg (FNR).

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With Weave, researchers from two or three European countries can submit a research application to one of the participating funding organisations and it will then undergo a single evaluation. Each project partner is funded by its own country’s research funder.

Weave is not a new funding programme, but instead uses existing research funder calls for bottom-up research. This initiative was launched by twelve national research funders with support from Science Europe, and more countries will gradually join in. Formas is part of Weave through our Annual open call grant Research project.

So what does this mean for you as a researcher? If you are applying for funding in Formas Annual open call and the grant Research projects this year, then you can have a project with co-applicants from Switzerland and Luxembourg. Each applicant needs to meet the participation requirements and eligibility criteria defined by their funder. If the application gets funded by Formas the co-applicants will automatically get funded by their funders in Switzerland and Luxembourg. If you are a researcher in Sweden and are involved in a project whose application is submitted by a main applicant in Switzerland or Luxembourg, the application will be evaluated in their call. As a co-applicant, you will need to meet all requirements for Formas’ Annual open call Research projects for your part in the project. As a Swedish co-applicant you are not part of the regular application procedure for the Annual open call, and the funds will be taken from another budget.

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Åsa Frisk

Senior research Officer

Karin Önneby

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Updated:9 March 2022