Insufficient Funding for Research and Innovation in New EU Budget


The new long-term budget agreed on by EU member states at the start of this week means that the framework program for research Horizon Europe will receive less funds than the proposal put forward by the Commission in May - €80.9 billion instead of €94.5 billion.

- The on-going crisis necessitates tough priorities but the EU, now more than ever, needs a long-term and ambitious research and innovation policy. A much larger investment in research and innovation is required in order to ensure a green European recovery, societal development and competitiveness, says John Tumpane, head of the environment department at Formas.

That is also the message from Science Europe, an association of research funders and research performing organisations across Europe. Besides Formas, Forte and the Swedish Research Council/Vetenskapsrådet, are also Swedish members of Science Europe.

Read Science Europe’s communication External link.

Updated:23 July 2020