Collective efforts for the healthy oceans and waters mission

Bordsduk med text och teckningar från workshop om vatten

Together with Mistra and Vinnova, Formas has arranged a workshop on water issues in preparation for Horizon Europe.

Within the forthcoming European Research and Innovation Programme, Horizon Europe, the European Commission has identified five so-called mission areas in order to promote broad community engagement in solving some of the world’s major challenges. One of these addresses ocean and water issues and is called “Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters”.

On 18 December, Formas, Mistra and Vinnova together with Darko Manakovski arranged a workshop at Skansen in Stockholm to gather different perspectives on broad sea and water issues. The workshop attracted more than 20 participants with different skills and experiences in this area.

Darko Manakovski is one of 15 people who serve on the mission’s Board. Among the other workshop participants were government agencies and non-profit organisations as well as trade associations, the business sector, researchers and an artist.

“Missions are all about solving major global challenges and raising awareness of what citizens get out of research and innovation,” says Petra Wallberg, research officer at Formas. “The participants represented themselves – not their organisations – and you could tell by the level of engagement in the room. I am grateful that so many people took the time at short notice to participate and contribute to this important issue.”

The outcome of the workshop will serve as input to Sweden’s proposal for the mission area “Healthy oceans, seas, coastal and inland waters”. To gain a broad base for support, more workshops in Sweden are being planned for early 2020.

Updated:13 January 2020
Page manager: Petra Wallberg