Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab 2024


Participation in the Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab 2024.


Researchers, phd.students and postdoc as well as composers active in any of the countries around the Baltic Sea.


The selected researchers and the composers will be invited to the Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm for the period 26-30 August 2024. The travel and accommodations will be covered. As well as taking part in the project Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab you will be treated to fantastic Baltic Sea Festival concerts and other great events.

Closed: Decision is made: 2023-12-20 14:00.

The Baltic Sea Festival, Stockholm University, Voksenåsen Music Academies and the Swedish sustainability research council Formas give notice of an opportunity for composers and researchers to take part in the second Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab, with a focus on issues around the Baltic Sea and sustainability.

Six composers and six researchers will be selected for this collaboration. Together with music coaches and a director, the researchers and composers will create joint works that specifically combine scientific communication and artistic expression. During the festival these works will be performed live on stage by the researchers and musicians from the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. The director will help the researchers find various forms of dramaturgical, textual and stage-related expression for their presentations, and the composers will work on their music in relation to the research, and on musical drama in relation to the textual material developed by the researchers.

A total of six 15- to 20-minute works will be created. These musical research presentations will be grouped to form two performances, each under the heading of a current theme, and will be presented to the public during the 2024 Baltic Sea Festival. The project will experiment with new approaches, whereby on the basis of research we will seek to communicate with listeners using new pathways and forms of expression. The objective is for both the public and the participants to emerge on the other side with new perspectives, fresh insights and a desire for continued collaboration.

Does this sound like an attractive project, considering your specific research or musical creativity? Do take this opportunity to participate in the 2024 Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab!

This year’s themes – viability and circularity – examine innovation beyond technological innovation and how society can shift from linear to circular systems. The Baltic Sea Festival Science Lab paves the way for various forces within society to work together in a quest for solutions to complex environmental problems.

Researchers, doctoral students and postdoc researchers active in any of the countries around the Baltic Sea are invited to apply. We welcome contributions from researchers from all disciplines, provided the research can be applied to the Baltic Sea region and its future challenges.

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