Blue Innovation – Implementation Projects


Innovation projects addressing a complex challenge in an area with an important direct or indirect impact on the marine and/or aquatic environment. System perspectives and collaboration between different sectors and disciplines are a central part of being able to take on the identified challenge, and develop solutions that can be tested, implemented and disseminated.


In the projects, an actor in the society, i.e. the “owner of the challenge”, is central. The actor can, for example, be a municipality, region, county administrative board or other organization, a municipal company or business (not a sole proprietorship). At least one party must be an actor in society, and at least one party must be a university, university college or research institute. At least one researcher with a doctoral degree must participate in the project.


In the call, it is possible to apply in two categories with different project length and budget.

Category 1: Project length 2-3 years and budget of SEK 1-2 million per year. The maximum grant per project is SEK 5 million.

Category 2: Project duration 4-5 years and budget of SEK 2.5-4 million per year. The maximum grant per project is SEK 20 million.

Formas can finance up to 80 percent of the eligible costs of the project. The total budget for the call is SEK 150 million.

Future: Open for applying: 2023-01-31 14:00
Last day of application: 2023-05-30 14:00

The dates for the call are preliminary and are subject to change. The content will be further developed and finalised when the call opens.

Apply for funding for an innovation project where you take on a complex challenge, where the project through new solutions and system change will contribute to the sustainable use of our water resources.

There are many challenges, and opportunities, within all types of water such as freshwater, groundwater and marine water. That could for example be water scarcity, pollution, or the development of sustainable blue economy businesses. The projects should create conditions for the owner of the challenge to, together with other actors, take on a complex challenge, which requires collaboration between sectors and disciplines, research and implementation, and where a systems perspective, collaboration between actors and a combination of efforts are needed to achieve the desired effects.

The identified challenge must be well anchored with the participating parties to create a long-term approach in the work with the challenge.

Another important aspect is that there is continuous work to enable testing and implementation of developed solutions with the ambition to demonstrate solutions in real or realistic environments.

Preliminary timeline:

  • Call opens: January 2023
  • Call closes: May 2023
  • Decision: Autumn 2023

The call is an initiative within the framework of the national research program for Oceans and Water. The agenda "Mobilization for healthy oceans and waters" presents selected strategic themes and cross-cutting perspectives. The applicant must describe the themes addressed in the project and justify in what way the project contributes to them.

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