Formas Communication Call 2019


Communication projects about sustainability research whithin Formas' areas of responsibility; Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning.


Swedish companies (not sole proprietorships), organizations, universities, colleges and research institutes. The projects must include at least one communicator and one researcher with a doctoral degree.


Project length may be up to three years and the maximum grant for a three year project is 1,9 million SEK.

Given decision: 2019-09-26 11:00

Formas announces available grant funding of up to SEK 15 million SEK to projects that communicate and popularize research and research results about sustainable development. The topic of the communication projects must lie within Formas’ areas of responsibility; Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. Please note that all dates are preliminary.


Preliminary decisions. Please note that only decisions published in Prisma is a guarantee of granted funding.

Project length may be up to three years and the maximum grant for a three year project is 1,9 million SEK. 

The purpose of the communication call is to support projects that communicate and popularise research and research results on sustainable development, within our areas of responsibility. The grant funding aims to enable robust, innovative solutions for spreading knowledge about sustainability research to relevant target groups. 

Universities, colleges, research institutes, companies and other organisations can apply for funding under the Formas communication call. Note: Sole proprietorship businesses cannot be granted funding under this call.

All communication projects for which a Formas grant is sought must have a responsible project manager. One of the project participants must have a degree or training in communication or equivalent experience. At least one researcher with a doctoral degree must be part of the project team, or a scientific committee associated with the project.

Different types of communication projects may qualify for funding, including popular science seminars, publications, games, exhibitions, video productions, digital productions, or other popular science activities that communicate sustainability research.

The theme of the project must relate to one of Formas’ areas of responsibility: Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning. For example, a project might communicate information about climate issues, environmental concerns, the circular economy, food, agriculture, water use, forestry or sustainable urban planning.

Formas does not grant funding for the operating costs of an organisation’s regular communication efforts, or for internal courses or projects that mainly relate to an organisation’s own educational activities.

In the call text you will find everything you need to know when applying. For example what the application shall contain, how the application is registered in the application system Prisma, information about administrating organizations, evaluation criteria and the assessment process.

Call text (pdf) , 157.2 kB.

Contact Person

  • Anna Volckerts

    Tjänstledig – Strategisk kommunikatör / Hållbarhetssamordnare

    Department for Communication

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