Impact of Diet, Food Components and Food Processing on Body Weight Regulation and Overweight Related Metabolic Diseases (METADIS)

Formas Ikon


The effects of food, food components and/or processing on overweight and related metabolic diseases. See call text for details.

Formas Ikon


Swedish university, university college, research institute, government agency or other Swedish public organisation with research assignment. Varies between countries, see call text for details.

Formas Ikon


Maximum 300.000 Euro, coordinators can apply for up to 450.000 Euro. See call text for details.

Given decision: 2019-09-26 16:00

Improving public health is one of our major societal challenges. Overweight and obesity is a growing public health problem and about half of the Swedish adult population is currently overweight or obese. Unhealthy eating habits are the single largest risk factor for disease today and one of the major causes of poor health and premature death. Healthier foods and diets have a great potential to prevent and reduce the risk of obesity and metabolic disease and thus make a difference both for the individual and for public health. However, further knowledge is needed on how specific food and/or food components impact appetite and/or satiety, weight regulation and disease development. More knowledge is also needed concerning how food processing can contribute to healthier products and eating habits.

This call for transnational research projects aims at increasing knowledge about how food processing and food components impact the risk of overweight, obesity and related metabolic diseases. The call also aims to strengthen the capacity of researchers early in their career. For Swedish project participants it is required that the project includes a doctoral student or post-doc and that an exchange (mobility) of a researcher early in the career is made possible within the framework of the project (please see National regulations in the call text).

This call for research projects is a collaboration with countries within the Joint Programming Initiative a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL)external link and within the framework of the ERA-Net HDHL-INTIMICexternal link.

Applicants are encouraged to carefully read the call text and the national regulations for all project partners in the project consortium.

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Updated:26 September 2019