Development grants 

You can apply for funding for development projects that are relevant to our areas of responsibility. To receive such funding, you must also receive funding from another funding source. For example, you can apply for funding in our open call, where we receive applications for development projects once a year.

What is considered a development project?

The purpose of funding development projects is to facilitate the practical use of research results. We consider a development project as one that systematically and methodically uses research results, scientific knowledge andfreshideas to develop new products, processes or systems. The project can also be one that significantly improves the products, processes and systems that are currently available. Wefollowguidelines fromthe OECD’s Frascati Manual.

Development projects must be co-funded

In order to be eligible to receive funding for a development project, you must also receive at least half of your funding from an external partner. Such funding partners can include private companies, municipalities or government agencies, but not other research funders or a university.

The funding can either consist of cash or be in the form of in-kind such as working hours, access to infrastructure or other resources.

When can you apply?

You can apply for funding under our annual open call. In this call, we receive applications for development projects once a year. Sometimes we also offer targeted calls where you can apply for development project grants.

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Updated:28 June 2019