Utilisation of research outcomes for a sustainable and competitive food sector


Projects that communicate and popularise research to end users in the Swedish food system.


Universities, research institutes, businesses (not sole proprietorships), and other organisations that meet Formas’ requirements for administrating organisations.


You can apply for a grant for projects that run for up to 12 months. The maximum funding for a project is 600.000 SEK.

Given decision: 2023-11-15 00:00

The dates for the call are preliminary and are subject to change. The content will be further developed and finalised when the call opens.

Purpose of the call

The call aims to fund projects that communicate knowledge and research outcomes to needs owners and end users in the Swedish food system, as well as strengthen the interplay between initiatives from Formas and other national/international research funders and societal needs of easily accessible and scientifically grounded knowledge about food. This is aligned with the aim of promoting a sustainable and competitive food sector in the long run.

Formas encourages cross- and multi-disciplinary scientific approaches if relevant and applicable to the chosen topic. In this call, companies and other organisations that meet requirements as an administrating organisation are welcome as applicants. Please be aware that state aid rules do apply.

Formas grants funding for up to one year, with a maximum budget of 600 000 SEK by project.


  • The projects should focus on one or more sectors of the food system (primary production, processing, consumption).
  • The project results should be open and easily accessible to a broad range of end users.
  • Results that are to be communicated do not have to originate from recent research, but may originate from older projects. What matters is their potential relevance and expected benefits for target groups.
  • Research outcomes do not necessarily have to originate from Formas-funded projects. Results from projects financed by other national or international research funders may also be of relevance.
  • Projects must be multi-party teams, that include at least one research performing organisation and at least one needs owner (business sector, public sector, NGO or authority) in order to foster their valorisation in the food industry and wider society. The project team must include at least one participant with communication skills and expertise.

Application and call text

More information available soon.

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Updated:15 November 2023