Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production


Transdisciplinary and international research on systems for sustainable consumption and production.


Researchers affiliated with a Swedish higher education institution, research institute, or other organisation that has research as main assignment.


Swedish partners can apply for a maximum of 3 million SEK per project. Maximum 5 million SEK if Swedish part coordinates the project.

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Fund­ed pro­jects

Preliminary decisions. Please note that only decisions published in Prisma is a guarantee of granted funding.

The Belmont Forum is pleased to announce the launch of a collaborative research networking call on the theme: Systems of Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Current patterns of global development based on people’s continuous extraction and exploitation of natural resources are not sustainable, and a societal transition to systems of sustainable consumption and production (SSCP) is urgently needed. In an attempt to promote co-development of research through science and stakeholder-based approaches to attain SSCP, Belmont Forum has launched a call for research proposals.

The call is organized around four key themes. Proposals to the Belmont Forum SSCP CRA must address one of the following four themes or cut across some or all of them.

  • Theme 1 – Transdisciplinary research to help transition to green economies with sustainable systems of consumption and production
  • Theme 2 – Sustainable and Resilient industries and their governance systems
  • Theme 3 – Social Inequality and Environmental Justice
  • Theme 4 – Integrating new technologies, policies, and practices into everyday life


Conditions of the call:

  • Every proposal must include natural scientists, social scientists and stakeholders.
  • There must be collaborators from at least three different countries on each proposal.
  • Researchers ineligible for funding from any of the participating funding agencies must submit their own monetary resources or in-kind funding.
  • Only one proposal is submitted per team.

Last day to register proposals is May 10th. Complete proposals are due mid-October. Project start early 2023. See Belmont Forum’s website for actual and updated information.

More information and instructions on how to apply is found on Belmont Forum’s website: Collaborative Research Actions (CRAs) / Opportunities ( External link. All national annexes are also found there.


All information about the call and how to apply is found at Belmont Forum.

For questions about the Swedish national annex:

Updated:25 January 2023