A non-toxic environment 2018 - combination effects

Given decision: 2018-11-14 00:00

Decided. In this call, researchers at universities, university colleges or research institutes have been able to apply for funding for four-year long research projects.

Decision list: A non-toxic environment 2018 - combination effects 2018-11-14 , 21.1 kB.

The official given decision will at the latest be announced in Prisma on 23 November.

Sweden has 16 environmental quality objectives, one being A non-toxic environment – an important matter for the future, with relevance to many of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Today, knowledge is relatively large about the effects of individual substances. How they act together, how the effect of mixtures is best analysed and how their risks are best assessed is, however, largely unknown. To strengthen the knowledge concerning combination effects of chemicals and substances, the so-called Cocktail effect, Formas is welcoming research applications focusing on aspects that can increase the knowledge concerning these effects. The research financed through this call shall be of high relevance to the society and to the environmental quality objective A non-toxic environment. Formas welcomes applications from different disciplines.

Who can apply? The main applicant and participating researchers should hold a Ph.D., and should be employed at a Swedish university, university college, research institute or a governmental agency that engages in research.
Budget per application: Up to 3 million SEK/year.
Length of project: Up to 4 years.
Formas allocates: Up to 120 million SEK (30 million SEK/year).

Call text

In the full call text you can find guidelines for your application and other information about the calls.

A toxic-free environment 2018 – Combination effects - Call text (pdf) , 494.6 kB.

How to apply


The application should be submitted through the application system Prisma. External link.
Guidelines for what your application should contain and information about evaluation criteria will be provided in the full call texts

More information

General instructions for applicants to Formas External link.
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Formas requirements for grant administrating organisations External link.

Formas instructions for using Prisma External link.

Prisma user support External link.

Apply in Prisma External link.

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