Online panel discussion: Artist Perspectives: Creating an Exhibition on Arctic Life and Culture

Fotografi av ett bostadshus framför en glaciär och ett bergigt landskap.

Vatnajökull, Route 1. Foto: Camilla Andersen/ Nordiska museet

How do you communicate research through art? The exhibition The Arctic – while the ice is melting combines the monumental design of a glittering iceberg, covering 360 m2 and standing 6 metres tall, with design, works of art, movies, items and projections in the great hall of Nordiska museet.

The exhibition was preceded by three years of preparation, including extensive research and scientific collaborations with Stockholm University among other institutions. This panel discussion is led by Sofia Rickberg of FORMAS, and brings together the exhibition designer MUSEEA, artist Anastasya Martynova and exhibition producer Matti Shevchenko Sandin. Together, they discuss how research is interpreted within art and design, and how Nordiska museet placed itself at the forefront of contemporary exhibitions.

Formas is one of the financing bodies behind the exhibition The Arctic – while the ice is melting External link. through the call Museerna och hållbarhetsmålen.

The conversation was held in English on 9 December, 2020.  

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