Evaluation of Skogforsk´s Framework Programme 2005-2008

The forests of Sweden contribute in numerous ways to the prosperity and welfare of the Swedish people. Much is still to be learned and told about the sustainable management of forests, which raises the need for research and efficient dissemination of new knowledge. In Sweden, Skogforsk plays a special and important role in satisfying this need, and is for this purpose supported by the forestry-based sector and the Swedish government through a Framework Programme.

In 2008, a team was formed to evaluate the performance of Skogforsk relative to this Framework Programme and Skogforsk's role in the Swedish forestry sector. This report presents the analyses, interpretations, conclusion and recommendations of this evaluation team. The main emphasis has been on the quality, quantity and relevance of Skogforsk's scientific work and dissemination and extension efforts.

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    Editor: Birgitta Johansson
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    Forskningsrådet Formas
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    978-91-540-6021-4/ISSN 1653-3003
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Updated:8 February 2019