Evaluation of JTI´s R&D activities 2005-2008

The ongoing debate on the role of bio-fuel production in the increase in food prices and thus the emerging food crisis in poor countries, clearly stresses the decisive role of agriculture in sustainable global development. How could agriculture produce the required goods and services in an effective and sustainable way? Knowledge based on excellent and relevant research is urgently needed. The Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI), funded through a joint framework programme between the Swedish government and the private sector, contributes to this knowledge.

In 2008, a committee was formed to evaluate the research and development activities of JTI.
The aim of the evaluation was to assess the scientific quality and relevance of the activities. The evaluation committee presents a review of the scientific quality on the basis of the following indicators: the scientific competence of the research staff, participation in international networks and projects and the number and quality of international publications and reports.

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Updated:8 February 2019