Scientific and finacial report


The final reporting of a project means that the recipient of a project grant (grant recipient/project leader) must report both the project results and project costs.

Reporting in Prisma

Grants awarded from January 2016 are reported using Prisma.  

Find out more about reporting using Prisma 

You will find information about your active grants in ”Applications and Grants” in Prisma. 

Reporting in Formas Direct

Since March 31, 2018, final reporting can no longer be made through Formas Direct as Formas has transferred all project applications to Prisma. Grants awarded prior to 2016 that have not been reported in Formas Direct shall therefore be reported in Prisma instead. If you have questions about the consequences of delayed reporting, please contact our legal department via or your administrator at Formas.

Kenth Hermansson